Update on Efforts to Spark Innovative Products and Uses for Small Diameter Wood

In late 2016, in the interest of expanding on our past efforts to create local markets and innovative uses for small diameter and underutilized wood, MARS hired Michael Low to lead us in a new and exciting direction. Michael brought a diversified background as a successful entrepreneur with skills in timber framing, carpentry and biochar production, in addition to his knowledge in LEAN Manufacturing principals and regenerative industry. Michael designed and developed strategy around a number of products that we find intriguing for their potential to create economic opportunity in Mount Adams communities while working with the kind of material regularly generated through our efforts to steward and create healthier, more resilient forests. While ultimately MARS was unable to secure sufficient funding and provide the needed organizational infrastructure to advance these ideas at this time, we will continue to pursue this work as opportunities present themselves. We wish Michael every success as he resumes work through his business, Timbersmith.

If interested in information regarding our efforts to grow economic opportunity through products sourced from small diameter and underutilized wood, please contact Jay at (509)364-4110.

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