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Help us help you… Let us know what you are looking for?

If it’s a lottery ticket, join the club. But, if you’re a fellow forester like we all are, then we are committed to being a valuable resource for you.

Seriously. The folks here in our office have put a lot into creating this site so that it is a legitimate value. It would really suck if we just sat here…. to the sound of crickets…. so, this is the first effort to reach out and get some honest feedback from our community. From YOU.

Check Out Our Programs

Since 2003, our work has branched into a number of programs and activities associated with caring for our natural resourceseconomic development built around a stewardship economy, and helping develop stronger, more resilient communities. Our partners and board are committed to the Mt. Adams region and those that call it home.

We are committed to the long-term success of our natural resources and economic and community growth. But,this commitment begins and ends with real time and measurable results.

And, that’s where you come in.

Tell us below in comments, what kinds of topics do you want to read about? Do you see this as valuable? If so, help us spread the word.


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